Nisyros is one of our recent lines, designed to present the correct balance between simplicity and functionality. The idea was to create a dual texture competition range. Nisyros has been for us the line we have enjoyed shaping the most. Now it is one of our bestseller lines and one of the best dual texture sets of the market. This is a very technical, specially designed range mostly for competition route setting, both boulder and lead. All sets are made from POLYURETHANE DANNOMOND, the best quality PU in the market. The range currently consists of 36 sets (165 holds), many of them big holds. Every few months new sets of Nisyros are released. Stay tuned. You can find it the best climbing gyms around the world and many IFSC competitions. For history, Nisyros is a tiny little volcanic Greek island located right next to the famous Kalymnos. Nothing too fancy about the island, it is isolated, none touristic, but there is something about it, something like secret energy waiting to be sensed by adventurous travelers. There is a unique beauty about the place, hard to put into words. Our range Nisyros was first inspired by the simple-elegant-strong beauty of this island. 

Dual texture.Mat finish.Many big holds.Technical holds.Competition style.Both boulder and Lead.Smooth texture.Elegant design.Comfortable grip.
Designed by Dario Stefanou.