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Nisyros is our latest range of holds. Made of Polyurethane, dual texture but mat finish, this line has now 50 holds, all competition style, simple lines, elegant design and very very comfortable.

NISYROS GIGA 1-5 are 5 very big hollow backed holds, amazing for competition style routesetting. They are designed to be used as a group of holds to create uniquely aesthetically pleasing routes. Giga 1 is basically an open hand jug, it is the easiest of them all. The hardest hold is NISYROS GIGA 3 which is a hard sloper. Giga 4 is harder than GIGA 1, not really a jug but pretty positive. Giga 5 and GIGA 2 are hard and harder sloper. If we were to place them from easiest jug to hard sloper you get 1-4-5-2-3. 

POLYURETHANE DANNOMOND, best quality PU in the market.

1 Giga