NISYROS Slopers X-Large

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This is our latest range of holds. Made of Polyurethane , dual texture but mat finish this time. The set has 50 holds , all competition style , simple lines and very very comfortable.Here are two XL Slopers , get your hands on !

Nisyros is a tiny volcanic island located in southern Greece. If you ever come to Greece go there , Its a none touristic quite place. It has great beauty and some short of good energy.You need to go there to understand.
I spent about a month there in September , I rented a house and I was shaping like a maniac. 
The new line consists of many sets :
  • 3*Pinches XL
  • 2*Slopers XL
  • 5*Pinches medium
  • 5*Edges Large
  • 5*Edges Medium
  • 5*Edges Medium 2
  • 5*Edges small Bolt ons
  • 5*Edges small Screw on
  • 5*Footholds

Two big fat slopers good for technical climbing .