ALL volumes can be used individually but can also be mixed and matched to create various geometric forms.

  • All volumes are offered in standard colours but a custom paint option is also available.
  • You can have them in the smooth or standard texture depending on the purpose of your wall.
  • Bolt-on option upon request.

Texture Grain

We have discovered that the best texture grain that fits all needs has the size of the grain of 0.25mm. Using a specially developed technology for application of the texture, we make sure it provides exactly the perfect amount of friction.

Rubber proof texture

Keeping your climbing wall clean and preserving the colours for as long as possible is an important, yet often overlooked feature.

To protect the look of the colors, we have developed a special dirt-proof coating that allows easy cleaning of the surface and prevents the climbing shoes’ rubber from sticking to the wall.


Colors are very important in giving your gym a unique character and making it stand out.

The design of a climbing wall can look totally different just by changing the way the walls are painted and the choice of color scheme.

Standard Solid Colors

We use a standard palette of 16 colors that provides numerous options for different color schemes to suit anyone's ideas and wishes. Make a careful decision about your gym's color scheme as it affects the overall atmosphere of the interior.