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This is our latest range of holds. Made of Polyurethane , dual texture but mat finish this time The range has 50 holds , all competition style , simple lines and very very comfortable.

NISYROS GIGA 1-5 are 5 very big hollow backed holds , amazing for competition style routesetting . They are designed to be used as a group of holds to create uniquely aesthetically pleasing routes. Giga 1 is basically an open hand jug, it is the easiest of them all. The hardest hold is NISYROS GIGA 3 which is a hard sloper. Giga 4 is harder than GIGA 1, not really a jug but pretty positive. Giga 5 and GIGA 2 are hard and harder sloper. If we were to place them from easiest jug to hard sloper you get 1-4-5-2-3.