ALPHA Giga Jug 2 PU

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ALPHA Giga Jug 2 PU

Simple and elegant, Alpha Jugs offer maximum comfort. The Giga Jug 2 is one of the most satisfying Jugs. It will be the favorite hold for most beginners and recreational climbers. The reduced weight (hollow back) makes it easier to handle whenever used for routesetting or transferred.

Tip: Perfect fit on top hold of a route or dyno moves.

Extra tip: perfect for big incline wall.

  • Holds per set: 1
  • Size: Giga
  • Style: Jug
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8lb)
  • Instalment: bolts and screws
  • Material: PU (Dannomond, best quality Polyurethane in the market)
  • Dimensions 50*20cm (19.6* 7.8inch)

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