Why Dual texture? Well, because we can. That is possibly the most honest answer. Let me explain. While most companies nowadays are able to produce good holds only a few can produce premium quality Dual Textured holds. For as it was a challenge and we like challenges.

Why would you want dual textured holds ? Well : a) they are good looking b) Those holds have unique function-In most- not being able to use your thumb translates to different body tension and positioning. Good for tight route setting choreography.

All Dual Textured holds (except RAIL 1 & 2) are hollow backed which is good for reducing weight and cost. All have screws on and may also be placed at your wall without central bolt. All made out of PU- and possibly the best PU in the market at the moment.

The intensity of the reflection on the high gloss areas of the holds may vary on each cast and it may be influenced by the conditions of its surrounding area. Obviously ideal conditions were met during photo shoot.